Bank Owned Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Bank owned property has become reality of our marketplace…

The current economy has created an opportunity for investors to purchase bank owned commercial real estate at significant discounts from their past prices. The sales require caution however; many buildings are distressed and require an extra level of due diligence. Our investors are currently finding discounted properties in the Mid Michigan area at 30% or more off peak pricing. Contact us today to set up a free confidential consultation on how bank owned commercial real estate could strengthen your position in the long term.

Points to consider with bank owned property

  • You will most likely have to accept the property “As-Is” with all faults
  • Banks owned property may not have any survey or building prints available
  • Properties may have significant repairs needed
  • The lender may not pay for title insurance. Inspect your contracts carefully to avoid surprises

Bank owned properties offer a great value for a savoy buyer. If you have questions on taking advantage of these opportunities, our bank owned specialists in Lansing and Grand Rapids are here to help. Call today 517-321-2800 Ext 118

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