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Career information -

Career Information

Career for the Best Salespeople

We can show you how to turn your ability and talent in sales into a career with the most successful name in real estate, RE/MAX.

Home of the best Agents

  • The brand that delivers the most powerful message about you.
  • The industry’s No. 1 and easiest-to-access training.
  • Superior delivery of leads – without the fees everybody else is charging.
  • Billions of dollars spent over the years promoting you – the agent.
  • Nobody sells more real estate.

Everyone knows your name

Billions of RE/MAX impressions on TV, radio, online, and
in print mean more business for you.
Imagine saying, “I’m with RE/MAX” – while backed by a national TV advertising voice that nearly exceeds all other competitors combined.
Boost your local marketing efforts by leveraging the power of billions of dollars spent over the years promoting RE/MAX.

Billions of impressions support you
With nearly 100,000 Associates promoting themselves and their listings worldwide, the RE/MAX name makes billions of impressions every year. When you align with RE/MAX you both add to that power and immediately begin benefiting from it.

TV primacy means everyone knows you

RE/MAX share of voice in U.S. real estate advertising on national television in recent quarters has been about 50 percent. (Source: Nielsen Monitor-Plus/Ages 25-54 GRPs unequivalized.) That means at RE/MAX you’re backed by as much advertising as all our competitors combined. On your first day with RE/MAX, everybody knows you.

Billions of dollars spent promoting your brand

When you add up the TV, print, radio, billboards and other promotional efforts by RE/MAX International, its regions, brokerages and Associates, the total spent promoting RE/MAX over the years is billions of dollars. When your customers connect your name with RE/MAX, you directly benefit from those ever-increasing impressions.

Contact us today to schedule your no obligation consultation on how RE/MAX Commercial Group can help you on your way to your career goals!

517-321-2800 Ext 118

Directions to our East lansing Office

RE/MAX Commercial Group
300 W Lake Lansing Rd
East Lansing, MI 48823
Phone : 517-321-2800
Our East Lansing office is easily accessible by exiting off US 127 at the Lake Lansing Exit and driving East. We are located on the North side of the street just before Abbot Rd.

About RE/MAX

About RE/MAX Commercial Group

RE/MAX Commercial Group strives to be the most cutting edge, innovative real estate organization in the State of Michigan. With advisors and affiliates across the State and around the world, RE/MAX Commercial Group has the resources to service your real estate needs almost anywhere.

Supporting our Communities

RE/MAX is a proud supporter of Children’s Miracle Network and the Susan G Koman Race for the Cure. With numerous fund raising opportunities throughout the year, we support the giving of our region and international groups in raising millions of dollars for these groups. Our Realtor members also support additional charities across Michigan.

Look for the RE/MAX Commercial Group / Children’s Miracle Network Hospital “Miracle Building” signs and know your transaction supports your local hospital with all donations staying at the local level.