Franchise Sales

RE/MAX Commercial Group – Business Brokerage Solutions can help you find the perfect franchise location across the country. With experience in working with franchise offerings, transfers and renewals, our brokerage team can help guide your investment and show you different opportunities that might be a good fit.

Whether this is your first business or your 20th, a franchise can be a great way to get in on a national concept and use the power of a group marketing effort.

Advantages of Franchising:

  • Risk minimized. A reputable franchise is a proven business method.
  • Name recognition. A well-known name can bring customers into the business and provide a competitive advantage for the franchisee.
  • Training. A franchisor can provide a regimented training program to teach the franchisee about the business operation and industry even if the franchisee has no prior experience.
  • Support. A franchisor can provide managerial support and problem-solving capabilities for its franchisees.
  • Economies of scale. Cost savings on inventory items can be passed on to the franchisee from bulk purchase orders made by the franchisor.
  • Advertising. Cooperative advertising programs can provide national exposure at an affordable price.
  • Financing. A franchisor will generally assist the franchisee in obtaining financing for the franchise. In many instances, the franchisor will be the source of financing. Lenders are more inclined to provide financing to franchises because they are less risky than businesses started from scratch.
  • Site selection. Most franchises will assist the franchisee in selecting a site for the new franchise location.

To schedule a personal consultation on your business goals, use the contact button to the left or call us today. 517-321-2800 Ext 118 RE/MAX Commercial Group Business Brokerage Solutions

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